Why do the cans pop and explode?

This week, we are focusing on the special properties of water. One of these properties is truly unique—unlike most substances, water expands and becomes less dense as it cools. Click on the link below to watch a 3-minute experiment.
Coke vs Pepsi: which explodes first?
After you watch the video, think about how this experiment relates to what you’ve learned about water this week. Then post your response by Monday evening (11:59 pm) to some or all of the following prompts:
Why do the cans pop and explode? Explain this in your own words, using what you learned this week about the chemical nature of water.The lid on the water bottle cracks, but that bottle doesn’t explode like the soda cans. Why not?Ice is less dense than water. Why does this matter for living things? Does the expansion of cooling water (below 4o C) benefit or harm living things? In what way(s)?Do you think that life would have been possible if water behaved like other substances, and was more dense when frozen? Why or why not? You might want to read this website for some ideas about this: Water, the Strangest Liquid in the UniverseWhich is better, Coke or Pepsi? HahahaOnce you’ve posted, come back and reply to at least two classmates by Wednesday (11:59 pm). Post a substantive reply for full points—not just “I agree” or “great post.”