Why do you think it’s so important to understand your audience when composing a document?

Please respond to the two students (Emily and Ruben) postsbelow. The format should look like the request below. Again, please providetwo different responses. PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT RESPONSES.
Discussion questionsOne of the keys to successful business writing is a thorough understanding of your audience. Why do you think it’s so important to understand your audience when composing a document? How might your writing change based on differing audiences? Are there times when there may be an unknown audience? What do you do in that case?A writing concept that goes hand in hand with audience is purpose. When preparing to write a piece and you are considering your audience, you will also need to think about the purpose of the document. Why is knowing your purpose for writing so important? What are some of the most common purposes for writing you will come across in business communication?
Emily’s post:I think that it is important to understand the audience when producing a document, because in this case you would be able grasp the audience’s attention and conduct the essay based on the background information that most induces the audience’s attention. Writing would be able to change based on the different target audience’s, because the persuasive level for children, teens, young adults and elderly is very different, since their level of interest varies very different. There are times that there would be an unknown audience that you might have to write for, and this is based on how may different groups that you are looking to impress. This is dependent on the topic of interest and to whom this target audience would be, for instance writing about work related cultures and environment, this can be a wide range of audiences from teens, to young adults, adults and the elderly. For scenarios like this, it would be efficient to drag all the interest points that would be able to bring into the essay as a whole, this way every audience would be able to comply and understand the overall story.Knowing the purpose of your writing is extremely important because this can drive your writing onto the path in which you want all the points to be addressed and how you want to your readers to understand the essay as a whole. In order for the readers to understand your writing, it is important that the reader itself understand the reading well before trying to address it to other people of interest. The most common purposes for writing that comes around during business communication is that thee ability to compose data into a set task and having the data being presented in a way that can be understood in a well defined way.
Ruben’s post:Understanding your audience is an important part of writing and impactful statement, or document as it allows you to clearly target the areas and points your readers are interested in. Based on what you know about your intended audience could also determine what you need to say, what you don’t really need to bring up, and what must be said even if its not popular with your target audience. This is of course in an effort to write with your end goal in mind. If there is clearly no purpose to your writing, must it really be written?Sometimes when composing and email we have to keep in mind that it may get out , or someone may be bcc’d or get the email forwarded to them. Because of that reason it is always important to make sure your message is factual, to the point, free of grammatical errors and most importantly your writing must always be professional.As an assistant director I have to manage the expectations above me and below me. Sometimes I have to communicate things that are difficult or unpopular for my team, but I always have to ensure message is reported and everyone is informed. After I deliver the message, I take in the feedback from the team and make sure I make upper management aware of the feedback in a way that it is constructive while not causing a witch-hunt. At the end you end up somewhere in the middle, but that middle ground is impossible if I fail to properly communicate.