Will the Use of Reshoring/Insourcing by Corporations Increase?

You will research and prepare a written analysis of the issue “Will the Use of Reshoring/Insourcing by Corporations Increase?” The paper must be a minimum of 4 full pages in length and no longer than 5 pages in length. The paper must be single-spaced (not 1.15, which is the default setting for recent versions of Word) and printed using Times New Roman, size 12 font, with 1.25-inch margins on the side and 1-inch margins on the top and bottom (Office 2003 default in Margin settings in Page Layout on the Word header). Also, please do not use any space-saving techniques such as adding extra space between paragraphs (the first sentence of each paragraph should be indented), using bulleted or numbered items, using sub-titles or footnotes, including diagrams or tables, or including your name/paper title at the top of any of the three-four pages. You will not receive full credit for a paper that has more than a few grammatical errors.Your grade on the paper will be reduced if you do not follow these technical requirements. You must use at least four references
In your critique, you should include your identification and analysis of the central issues related to your topic, your evaluation of the alternative perspectives related to your topic, and a description of your current stance on the issue you have chosen. NO PLAGIARISM (CITE everything references used) Do not include any footnotes at the bottom of the pages of your analysis. In preparing the paper you should avoid using more than three direct quotes and no quote should be longer than two sentences.