Women Equality

After researching, reading, and viewing texts about the historical documents and your justice movement, write a constructed response that details past and present issues in your justice movement. What conclusions can you draw? What changes can be made to promote a better world? Be sure to cite two historical documents, pointing out key elements from each source and how they are connected to your justice movement.
What needs to be included in your constructed response:past/present issuesWhat conclusions can you makeWhat changes can be made*link to 2 historical documents – constitution & bill of rightsConnections to your topic
Essay outline:P1: Intro to topic and 2 historical docs, thesisP2: Past/present issues, changes (?)P3: historical doc 1, connectionsP4: historical doc 2, connectionsP5: Conclusion, conclusions drawn from research, restate thesis
Thesis:1 sentence that your entire essay is based uponLast sentence of your first paragraphExpository:Topic + reason/example 1, 2, 3Argumentative:Stance + reason 1, 2, 3