Write a Case study on Breast Cancer

Case study on Breast CancerIdentify current evidence-based treatment modalities for the selected cancer (Breast Cancer) and discuss how the treatment impacts the disease process.Conduct an evidence-based literature search to identify the most recent standards of care/treatment modalities from peer-reviewed articles and professional association guidelines (www.guideline.gov (Links to an external site.)). These articles and guidelines can be referenced, but not directly copied into the clinical case presentation. Cite a minimum of three resources.Include the following in your clinical case presentation:A discussion the pathophysiology of the disease, including signs and symptomsAn explanation of diagnostic testing and rationales for eachA review of different evidence-based treatment modalities for the disorder obtained from guideline.gov or a professional organization such as thyroid (Thyroid society), OB-GYN (ACOG), urology (AUA), etc.Next, address the following questions:How does the information in this case inform the practice of a master’s prepared nurse?How would the master’s prepared nurse use this information to design a patient education session for someone with this condition?What was the most important information presented in this case?What was the most confusing or challenging information presented in this case?Discuss a patient safety issue that can be addressed for a patient with the condition presented in this case.