Write a critical essay that examines the ways the film Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee functions as a social document.

Evidence and arguments may be drawn from a variety of sources. To make a point, you may want to refer to the film itself and tie it in with historical research, personal experience, and articles from film journals. Be creative, but remember to give specific examples in support of your arguments. Please consider the following questions: In what respect does the film serve as a socio-cultural artifact? In other words, what does the film tell us about the filmmakers’ conception of the socio-cultural setting in which the film was made? Given the prevailing social attitudes, preoccupations, and restraints, how effectively does the film reflect or attack the society and culture from which it emerged? Appropriate citations are a must for this project.
5 PAGES. Double Spaced. No more. No less (this does not include references)Introduction– Set up the paper and what you will do in it. What argument are you making?Describe your chosen film 1-3 paragraphs.– What type of film? Basic plot. Any important background or production information.Example 1:Example 2:Example 3:Conclusion– Tie your examples together and re-state your argument