Write a detailed case analysis of Office Depot’s sustainability strategy.

Write a detailed case analysis of Office Depot’s sustainability strategy.Write a detailed case analysis of a firm of your own choosing( Office depot Corporation) . Make sure to select a firm that we did not cover as a case study during the course, and one that you did not analyze as part of your group project submission.Identify what the firm is doing to strategically address responsible business issues and how these efforts do (or do not) fit with the firm’s overall strategy, business model and organizational structure. Evaluate whether these efforts are effective in moving society towards sustainability in addition to improving the competitiveness of the firm. I therefore expect you to critically evaluate whether the company is able to synergistically integrate ESG issues into the core of the business to generate both financial as well as social value. Explain how the firm can do so (or failing to do so) and moreover, please propose concrete actions (and justify them) that managers could take to better achieve both objectives.
In performing your analysis, I expect you to judiciously draw from the concepts, theoretical and practical frameworks, tools, key learnings and insights as well as resources, articles and data sources that we covered in this course. In the final session of the course, I will ask as many of you as possible to briefly present the company you have chosen and some of your preliminary findings. The assignment can be no longer than 4 single-spaced pages with margins of at least one inch and a font of at least eleven points. The page limit will be strictly enforced to be fair to everybody. You may include appendices which do not count towards the page limit. The grade will be given based on the core text, so please ensure that everything pertinent is in the first 4 pages. I will only look at the appendices if we need to verify a statement made in the core text.