Write a discussion paper on Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Boon or Bane?

Write a discussion paper on Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Boon or Bane?You should introduce the topic, discuss it, and lead to a logical conclusion. Using relevant data and scientific literature to support your argumentation. If are not sure you will beable to produce a high quality essay please don’t acept it as I’ve had to cancel the previous writer.Computer aided diagnosis is a topic that has been progressing really fast, make sure the references are recent please. The main area revolves around (but not limited to) image analysis using artificial inteligence techniques such as machine learning and more specifically and recently deep learning I believe. (Aplied to CT, MR, x-ray, Mamography, and other) You should be familiar with sensitivity, specificity and Roc curve to understand the performace of theese systems. I atached a paper that has some usefull information and many other references (besides a lot of unnecessary information). This seems obvious but after my previous experience I have to say: Please use an adequate amount of references and data (numbers please) to justify your arguments and conclusion.Good luck!