write a historical review of a movie based on historical events that occurred during the time covered by the class (1877 – 2020). “Hidden Figures”(2017)

Paper Goals:
The primary goal of this paper is to get the student to begin thinking and writing like a historian. Students will need to watch their respective film(HIDDEN FIGURES)(2017) multiple times. Students will then research the event and/or events that are portrayed in each film and discuss whether the film maker accurately portrayed the event based on historical research and if the said film could be useful in furthering a student’s understanding of History.
Basic Paper Criteria:The paper will be 1,100 wordsThe paper will be submitted as a MS Word DocumentFont: Times New RomanFont Size: 12-pointMargins: 1 inch on all sidesDouble spacedThe paper will use the Chicago or Turabian writing manualsThe paper will have a title page (not included in word count) and will consist of:TitleStudent’s NameThe date it is handed inWord countThe paper must also be properly cited using footnotes
The paper must be based on at least four factual sources.One (1) must be a peer reviewed documentOne (1) must be a book, this could be the textbookOne (1) must be the film itselfOne (1) will be your choice; however, please keep in mind your paper is only as good as the source that you use
Basic paper layout:Introduction paragraphState your thesisIntroduce the title of the film being reviewedLay out the structure of your argumentBody (Minimum 3 Paragraphs)Make your argumentBe sure to support your argument with facts and referencesThe instructor is not interested in your ‘opinion’, but rather in an argument based in factConclusionBriefly restate your argumentState your fact-based conclusion clearly