write a literary analysis paper on “A Handful of Dates”

– The paper MUST be typed in Times New Roman, font 12, double-spaced, with a proper heading, a title, and each new paragraph indented.– The paper should be carefully proofread and edited for grammar, spelling, and grammar mistakes.– Your paper should have:– an introduction ending with a thesis statement– about 5-6 body paragraphs as needed to support the arguments you have that willprove your thesis statement.-body paragraphs need to have clear topic sentences, which are then supported byevidence from the story, which is properly quoted and cited, and then analyzed(sandwich paragraphs).-a conclusionThe grade will count towards your reading grade in the class (15%) and writing grade (20%).Grading Rubric:Introduction20 points– Hook or general introduction to story (5)– strong central argument / thesis (7)– thesis is or can be supported across the story (8)Support and Development of Your Thesis30 points– uses evidence from across the text and analyzes the evidence with specific detailsStructure and Organization10 points– logical ordering and development (5)– topic sentences / paragraphs start with clear arguments (5)Conclusion10 pointsMechanics10 pointsTransitions to connect ideas5 pointsVocabulary5 pointsProper quotation formatting10 pointsTotal Points100