Write a paper discussing on Architecture, Building and Planning

Write a paper discussing on Architecture, Building and Planningyou will develop an A4 report containing all technical information and references necessary to contextualize your technological design solution.You will respond to the design brief by developing appropriate technological components (either vertical or horizontal), characterized in their materiality, thermal end environmental performance. You will also critically discuss your choices and the implications of more stringent design targets.Technological design reportYou will develop 2 technological solutions for either a vertical or horizontal external component. The report will include:Diagram of the technological solutions: an annotated axo of the two technological solutions, reporting functional layers, materials and properties.Materiality: all materials will be characterized by the following information: type (not brand), thickness, conductivity, specific heat and partial R value.Thermal properties of the wall: total Rvalue of the technological components, including all relevant calculations and evidence of compliance with Section J.Environmental properties of the wall: embodied energy and global warming potential of the two solutions with a clear breakdown of all materials contribution.Critical analysis: max. 800 words.