Write a paper discussing on rhetoric

Description: Throughout the semester, we’ve surveyed the history of rhetoric by examining how scholars from the classical, contemporary, and postmodern periods have discussed rhetoric. For our last essay, I want you to discuss your own theory on rhetoric.Directions:In a 3-4 page thesis-driven essay, advance and defend your own definition and theory of rhetoric. In presenting your theory, address the following:What is rhetoric? Please provide your own definition of rhetoric.Choose a metaphor we mentioned in class to explain your definition/theory of rhetoric (ex. art, magic, love, war, cookery, conquest). Include the following:Personally define this metaphor by drawing from your own experience and examples (ex. what to you is art or love or war?)Connect your metaphor to your definition of rhetoric. Why would you choose this metaphor to describe rhetoric? What are the similarities? What are the differences?What is the relationship between rhetoric and style based on your definition?What is the relationship between rhetoric and T/truth based on your definition?Draw on at least 3 rhetorical theorists as you elaborate on your definition of rhetoric.Please note: I already know what the scholars we covered think– I want to know what you think. Spend more time developing your perspective on rhetoric rather than summarizing what theorists have said.Requirements:3-4 pgs. (1pg. papers will be turned back w/out a grade)Times new roman or Calibri font, 12 pt font, double spaced, standard marginsEssay format (Intro, body, conclusion)Must include a clear thesisMLA or APA formatNo outside sources are required for this paperIn-text citations are needed if referring to outside sourcesDUE: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 by 7:30pm. This is a hard deadline – cannot submit your paper after this date.