Write a paper on Thailand & Retirement Resort

Write a paper on Thailand & Retirement ResortPlease submit a one page write-up of your project. The one-page should contain: 1) Information on your chosen product/service (Why you chose this product/service?) 2) Information on your chosen country (Why you chose this country? (Choose any country except the USA)). Our project will focus on a retirement resort based in Thailand. The resort will be located in the scenic areas of Thailand while mainly catering to residents from countries abroad such as Europe or the United States. There are many factors that have contributed to the creation of this proposal. Among these factors, some of the more prominent factors include a rapidly aging population, favorable weather conditions, lower costs of investment for guests and investors, and exposure to cultural practices outside of the western world. Diving deeper, one of the biggest reasons this project will be a success is the fact that our population has seen an increase in number within the older population. Due to societal norms, less married couples have led to less offspring and a younger generation. As our population continues to age and the number of retirees continues to increase, our group hopes that many individuals will be attracted to travel abroad and retire at our resort. Aside from this, our project has chosen Thailand as the resort location due to the year-long favorable weather conditions. Due to the country`s tropical weather makeup, majority of the year sees warm and preferable weather. Even during the colder, winter months, the country continues to observe temperatures of 70 degrees. With this, the country`s climate will be ideal for older individuals who will likely want to avoid severe, fluctuating weather conditions to preserve their health, maintain cases of arthritis, and avoid seasonal depression. Please write on the two remaining topics of lower costs and exposure to cultures and maybe some other topic related to Thailand and retirement homes. (2 more paragraphs to complete the first submission. )