Write a recommendations for sustainable, effective Criminal Justice reform.

In a paper of no more than 5 pages, address the following:You have been asked to participate in a conference whose goal is to put forth recommendations for sustainable, effective Criminal Justice reform.I will put together a roadmap for reform, focusing on the top three most important topics in Criminal Justice reform. Your roadmap should identify why the topics you chose are the most important, what populations are most impacted and provide recommendations that will address the following desired outcomes for a reformed justice system:One that only incarcerates people who are a direct threat to public safetyOne all citizens experience equally regardless race or income levelOne that keeps communities safe while vastly shrinking the prison population and reducing the social and economic impact of mass incarceration on vulnerable communities.Topics may include:Sentencing PolicyDrug Crime PolicyScaling Back Collateral ConsequencesCannabis DecriminalizationMental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice SystemSubstances Abuse Needs in the Criminal Justice SystemLaw Enforcement reformJuvenile Detention reformHuman TraffickingFelony DisenfranchisementRestorative Justice