Write a research discussing about about a friendship.

we have a book for the work citied and i dont know how to citi it and what are sources and the paper need to be descprivite and lots of details about when i first met a friend and how our firndship is accomplish now
book: a pocket style manual book by diana hacker nancy sommers 8th edition
the professor want us to forget out what kind of citiation it need and the sources is from this reading we were reading 13 essention traits of a good friend
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/lifetime-connections/201503/the-13-essential-traits-good-friendsDavid V.4 hours agoOur first area of investigation seems a familiar place to start: Friendship. As you enter a new environment (and especially in these new times) human connection seems more important than ever. But how much do we know about the delicate art of building and maintaining relationships?PROMPT: Tell a story about a friendship that helped define your character. Use one of the sources provided to make your point.This first unit will commence with personal memories and later incorporate research on the nature of friendship.I have selected four readings for this unit, and we will do some writing to develop your paper each week, culminating in you turning the paper in within this Blackboard shell Mid-September. You’ll notice the first three major papers for this class are all due mid-month, then the final paper (paper four) will be due at the beginning of December. This is repeated information from your syllabus.Length: 900-1,300 words.Works Cited: You will have a short Works Cited page, listing only one or two sources provided in class.For those of you who are audibly inclined, I have included a link to a group of Ted Talks on friendship. When I am writing about something, I spend time mulling about, going through info, allowing myself time to ruminate and birdwalk. As a former journalist, some stories had a hard deadline and had to get written THAT day, often by noon. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about features, those stories a writer gets to develop over days and even weeks. I have a piece on Arkansas’ own Johnny Cash, the man in black, that I worked on for a year before its first publication. If I want to revise it, another publication awaits (I retained the copyright). It’s in the text if you are interested, page 224 in the preliminary edition. . . The very best papers, the ones which seem so refreshingly original, are often a byproduct of all the things left behind, the untaken avenues, the inquisitive explorations and risks that only the curious are prone to take. So today’s lesson: read what is provided, then sleep on it, then read more. Read the footnotes, ask people what they know. Look it up on Ted Talks (you don’t have to here, I’m providing it). Photocopy the bibliography. Check out those sources.Another exciting addition to this course this year is a series of meditations on Friendship available through the free Insight Timer App on your smart phone. At the time of this writing, there are 22 of these meditations available. They could provide you with a calming and thoughtful way to start your day.