Write a vignette, which is a description of an experience that reflects the sociological concept you picked.

Vignettes are 4-5 page double spaced papers (approximately 1000-1250 words in Laulima) that apply a sociological concept and the three theoretical perspectives to a particular experience. The first portion should describe one of the following:something that you have experiencedsomething that someone you know has experiencedan experience that you make-up, like a fictional storyThe paper needs to reflect a sociological concept from one of the readings. Concept options can include, but are not limited to the list below. In order to help you focus, please choose only one concept. If you are considering another sociological concept and want feedback, please feel free to contact me.Capitalism Globalization Social ProblemGender Femininity AssimilationRace Masculinity In-group / Out-groupDiscrimination Heteronormativity Nuclear familyCulture Deviance SocializationSubculture Sanctions Social reproductionSubculture capital Social movements RitualConsumer culture Status Institutional racismConspicuous consumption Social orderThere 4 mains parts to the paper:Name the sociological concept and provide the reading’s definition of that concept.Write a vignette, which is a description of an experience that reflects the sociological concept you picked. Here, the reader should be able to guess your concept just by reading about the experience. The description of the experience should reflect each aspect of the concept’s definition. Note: Vignettes need to show the concept’s definition throughout the entire example. Parts 1 & 2 should be roughly two pages in length.Write a paragraph summarizing the theory (functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) you’ll be using to interpret the story.Apply a functionalist, conflict theorist, or symbolic interactionist lens to the experience you mentioned in Step 3.Note:If the paper is less than five pages in length (using double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman size 12 font), it is likely that something is missing in the paper.Submitting Instructions for VignettesPlease submit papers via a Word doc or pdf in Laulima.Due dates: Papers must be submitted by 11:55 pm on the due date.Sociology 100: Rubric for Vignette PaperTaskPointsProvides concept & definition from reading15 ptsProvides example / story that explains concept25 ptsSummarizes the theoretical perspectives used to interpret the story / example25 ptsCorrectly uses the theory to interpret the story25 ptsWriting & syntax & organization10 pts