Write about a business idea to bring to market, it can be a new product or service or an improvement of one.

The class is International Business Seminar3 peer reviewed sources are needed and any additional references you use.A chart or graph is required within those 5 pages.No outline is required but the final report which is the one Iam requesting must havea) introductionb) the casec)factsd)analysise)conclusionNo cover page is required, I will do that, but the reference is needed
Ideas about the report can be what the research is about, why is it important, and what the report will tell. And my idea of the writing reportwould suggest: is it profitable as a small business, can it help the community (who are we marketing) the homeless, veterans, peopledownsizing, and the fact that not everyone can afford a $100,000 home. Can you establish a tiny home community as far as rules andregulations. Is there a profit and can we forsee more of this type of homes in the future. (Something along these lines)