Write an introduction including a basic description of your school and the area of improvement that you identified in Module.

Complete Parts 1 and 2 and submit two files for this assignment:a 7- to 10-page paper (not including the title and references pages), anda 10- to 15-slide visual presentation (not including the title and references slides).Write an introduction and conclusion for your paper.Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations.You may create the presentation in a format of your choice.Note: This assignment’s rubric is specifically designed to assess specific skills and knowledge related to your program. Please review all rubrics carefully prior to submission.Collaboration with stakeholders: Part of this assignment requires you to collaborate with others. This collaboration should be with peers, colleagues, teachers, administrators, community organizations, and/or parents at your school. If you do not have access to anyone at your school, you may consider collaborating with stakeholders in your district or with stakeholders from other school settings.
Part 1: PaperAnalyzing Data and Exploring Research StrategiesStep 1. Write an introduction including a basic description of your school and the area of improvement that you identified in Module 2.Step 2. Compose a research paper. Your paper should be 7-10 pages of content. (Title page and references are not included in the page limit.) Within the paper, describe the data, the trends, and your choice of strategy to use to address the identified area of improvement.Step 3. Conduct further research on the area of improvement in order to access two prior years of the data set that you used to support your target area. Present the data clearly using a table or graph. (Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Research, Technology)Step 4. Describe and analyze the data. (Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Research)Step 5. Include three goals based on the data and describe how the goals align with your school’s vision and mission statements and with your personal values as a school leader. (Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Professionalism)Step 5. In Module 3, you began to explore strategies to address your identified need. Describe and discuss each of the three strategies you identified in Module 3 including an explanation of how the strategies can be implemented at your school. (Research)Step 6. Copy the Research Description chart from the Template Tables document and insert it into your paper as a description of one of the strategies you identified. (Research)Step 7. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the chosen strategy by completing the template below. In completing this table, it is important for you to organize a team of people to work with in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your plan (collaboration). You may create the table yourself, or use the template provided in the Template Tables document.Step 8. Develop a plan for the evaluation of the implementation of the strategy.Step 9. Format your paper using APA style, and include the following sections:Title pageIntroduction (Remember in APA, the word Introduction is not used as a heading.)Presentation of DataData Description and AnalysisGoalsThree Strategies ConsideredDescription of Research on StrategySWOT AnalysisEvaluation PlanConclusionReferences
Part 2: PresentationCreate a 10- to 15-slide visual presentation (not including the title and references slides) in a format of your choice that includes the following:The data set and your graphsGoals for the School Improvement PlanAn overview of the three different strategies and the supporting sources that directly addresses the target area in need of improvement (at least one slide for each strategy)Research on one strategyResults of SWOT analysis for the chosen strategyEvaluation plan for the implementation plan of the chosen strategy