Write two sociological research questions and hypotheses based on the literature review and variables available for analysis in your dataset.

Soc 393Research ProjectDUE: May 20th 2022 by midnight, on iLearnThe objective of this final project is to apply the concepts and skills you are learning in 393 and analyze a sociological topic of your choice using public use, quantitative data.
I. The steps involved in this project are as follows:1. Select a public use dataset (we will review options in class);2. Review the research methods used to collect the data you will be analyzing;3. Conduct a brief literature review to identify what research is already published on the topic you have chosen to analyze;4. Write two sociological research questions and hypotheses based on the literature review and variables available for analysis in your dataset;5. Apply your growing body of quantitative analysis skills to conduct describe and inferential statistics;6. Summarize and present your results using tables, figures and written explanations, and finally;7. Interpret the results and answer your research questions in a discussion section.II. Overall, the paper should contain several sections:a. Abstracti. An abstract is a summary of the paperii. 200-word limitb. Introduction (2 pages)i. Introduce the reader to your paper topic from a sociological perspective1. Describe the topic and its sociological importance.2. Why should the reader care?ii. Please summarize at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles in your introduction as examples of previous empirical research on your topic.iii. Present your research questions and hypotheses at the end of the Introduction.c. Methods (2 pages)i. What dataset are you analyzing?ii. How was the data collected?1. What is the unit of analysis?2. What sampling strategy was used to collect the data?3. What is the sample size?4. Where was the data collected?5. During what time period was the data collected?6. How have your variables of interest operationalized (e.g. how do the researchers operationalize bullying)?7. What type of variables are you analyzing (e.g. dichotomous, ordinal, interval-ratio).d. Analysis (1 page)i. What types of descriptive and inferential statistics are you using to answer your research question and why?1. Descriptive (means, medians, modes, standard deviations, IQR, visualizations)2. Inferential (chi-squares, correlation coefficients, t-tests and accompanying tests of statistical significance)e. Results (3-4 pages)i. You MUST include both descriptive and inferential statistics in this section.ii. You MUST have two data visualizations generated in R or SPSS. These are included as an Appendix and do not count toward the page limit.f. Discussion (1-2 pages)i. Please revisit your research questions in this section.1. Do your findings support your hypotheses?2. Were your findings unexpected or expected?ii. As a sociologist, what is your interpretation of the statistical results?g. Bibliographyi. Please use APA style for your bibliography.ii. Use ZoteroIII. Page Length:a. Page 1 is a cover page that includes only your name and our class details.b. Page 2 includes the abstract only.c. The body of the paper begins on page 3 and should be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 12 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point, 1-inch margins) from the start of the introduction to the end of the discussion section.d. The two data visualizations should be included with a label (Figure 1., Table. 1.) and a title at the end of the paper, after the bibliography.e. Don’t forget to number your pages.2