Write your term paper from the point of view of an employee explaining to senior management how to alter, or how to include specific practices to avoid legal complications or for additional legal protection.

Please select a term paper topic and answer the following questions:1. Topic — please describe the topic in 1-2 sentences.2. Why is this worth researching?3. What resources have you found so far?4. How will this new body of knowledge benefit you?Several students have asked for additionalexamples for term paper topics. I have listed a few examples below.Remember these are just examples to get you started.The role of arbitration clauses in contracts and the benefits (or burdens) of the arbitration processEthics in construction: When should a subcontractor follow the law rather than the head contractor or owner?Examining ‘Pay-if-paid’ clauses: Ways to monitor this clause and related issues pertaining to legal requirementsAnalyzing the different forms of business association and the liability and protections each of them providesThe betterment rule as a tool for contract disputesAnother great topic isto analyze a business practice in your industry and examine how it maycreate exposure to liability. Then discuss how to reduce liability.
The term paper can be on a topic of your choice, however; I suggestthat you choose a topic that you have or will likely encounter at workor in other professional settings. Using basic legal research tools,identify and explain the legal issue. Next, explain the specific “law”or legal concepts that apply, how courts generally rule of these typesof cases and finally what steps can be taken to avoid this legal issuein the future.Write your term paper from the point of view of an employeeexplaining to senior management how to alter, or how to include specificpractices to avoid legal complications or for additional legalprotection. You can pick any aspect of business, for example, thesubcontracting process, how contracts are formed or terminated, ethicalconcerns, allocating losses, insurance, payments, etc. Term papersshould be full of analysis and include your viewpoints and understandingof how to resolve or improve the business situation. Be sure toinclude personal analysis in your term paper. I am very interested tosee how you analyze the legal situation based on the research you have found.